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Best Solar Powered Bird Bath & Fountain Pump Kits (+DIY)

yellow robin on a bird bath

If you use a standard electrical bird bath, it’s not unheard of if you want to switch to a more economical option.

And sometimes, to reduce stress, it only makes sense to have one that keeps water running for your feather friends automatically.

If you want either of these options, a solar bird bath fountain pump is what you need.

Unlike standard electric bird baths, solar bird baths save electricity and provide clean, running water using rays from the sun and no power.

You can get either an in-built solar powered bird bath or install a solar panel in your existing bird bath. Whatever your choice, it still will fill your bird bath as long as the sun shines.

Not a thing to worry about though if you live in a cloudy area as there are solar bird baths that use both solar and electric power.

Nevertheless, solar bird baths and fountains come in different designs, sizes, and power, so you can pick whatever floats your boat.

With this in mind, I’ll give a detailed review of the best solar bird baths and fountains to help you make an informed purchase including my personal favorite, the Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath.

Product Details
1. Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath

Excellent Features

  • Field-Stone Design
  • 2 Fountain Bowls
  • 25" Tall
  • Solar & Electric
  • Built To Last
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2. Solatec Solar Fountain Pump

Waterproof Exterior

  • Powerful Pump
  • Up To 50cm Pump Lift
  • 4-Pattern Fountain
  • Multi-Purpose
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3. AMYER Solar Fountain Pump

10K Hrs Continues Use

  • 4-Style Fountain
  • Up To 70cm Pump Lift
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Needs Sunglight
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4. Smart Solar Chatsworth Fountain Pump

Great For Cloudy Area

  • 6-Hour Runtime
  • Two-Tier Bowl
  • Sturdy Base
  • Sturdy Base
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Quick Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath
  2. Most Economical: Solatec Solar Fountain Pump
  3. Best Durability: AMYER Solar Fountain Pump
  4. Best Battery Life: Smart Solar Chatsworth Solar-on-Demand Fountain Pump

4 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains & Pump Kits Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath

Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath

The Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath checks all boxes for the majority of bird lovers. Its field stone-like design gives your garden a traditional feel. It has two layers of fountain bowls that enhance the circulation on water and make it easily accessible. It can serve as a garden decoration.

It stands tall at 25 inches, making it easy for your feathered-friends to discover and drink to their fill. One great feature about this device is the electrical adapter that can come in handy on cloudy days, without sufficient sunlight to power the pump.

It has a sturdy base that keeps it grounded and makes it difficult for rodents and large birds to knock it over. Its pump is relatively powerful and works silently.

One thing to note before purchasing, however, is that you’ll need to assemble the parts before using it for the first time.


  • Electrical adapter for cloudy days
  • Sturdy base


  • Requires assembling parts on first use

2. Best Budget Choice - Solatec Solar Fountain Pump

Solatec Solar Fountain, Black

Asides being the least expensive item on this list, the Solatec Solar Fountain Pump is highly weather-resistant and durable.

It’s designed with a waterproof exterior and an active pump that raises water to about 30-50 cm high.

Also, it has four (4) different nozzle heads that make the water rise in different patterns for a fountain experience.

Its use is not limited to only bird baths but also in small ponds, fish tanks and gardens – Multi-purpose.

An important thing to note about it, however, is that it doesn’t store any energy (no battery).

What this means is that it can only function under adequate sunlight and complete exposure. If anything as little as a dead leaf from a tree covers one solar panel, it won’t work.

In the end, Solatec Solar Fountain will be a good bang for your buck, especially if you stay in a sunny area.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Multi-purpose


  • Can’t function without an adequate amount of sunlight and complete exposure
  • Requires deep fountains to work efficiently

3. Most Durable - AMYER Solar Fountain Pump

AMYER Solar Fountain Pump

Similar to the Solatec solar fountain, this device is multi-purpose (used in pools, aquariums, gardens and fish tanks). It has remarkable durability of at least 10000H of continuous work.

However, this only counts if the pump is submerged in at least 2” deep water and if its panel maintains contact with sunlight.

The AMYER solar fountain comes with four (4) different nozzles from which you can pick from to vary the style/pattern of the water to your taste.

Another great thing about this device is that it has a high pump lift of about 70cm (maximum).

On the flip side, the AMYER Solar pump, like many other solar fountain kits, it doesn’t have a battery life to keep functioning on cloudy days.


  • Great durability
  • Multi-purpose


  • Can’t function without sunlight (doesn’t store energy)

4. Longest Battery Life - Smart Solar Chatsworth Solar-on-Demand Fountain Pump

Smart Solar 24260RM1 Chatsworth 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Fountain, Oiled Bronze Finish, with Patented Underwater Integral Solar Pump and Pump System

This Smart Solar Chatsworth device when fully charged (1-2 days of adequate sunlight), can provide up to 6 hours of running time without adequate sunlight.

Without a doubt, it is a great option if you live in a cloudy area where it’s rarely sunny most times of the day.

On another hand, it requires little maintenance and is great for attracting birds all day round thanks to its sturdy design. It’s constructed with glass fibre reinforced concrete which makes for its sturdy base.

Its design is compact and has no wiring at all, with zero hidden operational cost. The two-tier bowls are shallow and are great for attracting small birds.

One thing that you have to put in mind if you intend to make a purchase is that it may require a battery change after about 18 months of use.


  • Long battery life, great for cloudy areas
  • Sturdy base/build.
  • Requires little maintenance


  • The battery doesn’t last more than a year and a half

Why You Should Consider a Solar Bird Bath or a Solar Fountain Pump

There are numerous advantages to owning a solar and at the same time the best bird baths and fountains, for both yourself and the birds that you hope to attract into your yard.


1. Eco-Friendly

Solar bird baths normally function solely on solar energy (some use electric adapters as a backup for cloudy days or evenings).

2. No Hidden Operational Costs

Generally, solar bird baths/fountains do not involve any cost other than the purchase amount. All you need to do is install and begin to use.

3 No Wiring Stress

These devices are designed with the solar panels being as compact as possible, hence reducing wiring to the barest minimum. There’s no need for extension cords or outlets.

Differences Between a Solar Bird Bath and Solar Fountain Pump

Solar bird baths are powered by a solar panel that most times, is situated in the bowl of the bird bath. Sometimes, the panel is placed located outside the bath for more contact with sunlight.

The sun rays the panel collects during the day are transformed and used to power the pumps and circulate water in the bird bath.

Solar Fountain pumps are different in design but perform the same function.

Basically, they consist of a pump used to operate a bird bath. With this device, it’s possible to control the pump and in turn regulate the trajectory and direction of the water pattern to your preference.

One thing to keep in mind when considering which to go for is that some solar-powered bird baths may not function in cold temperatures.

You have the option of installing a heated bird bath to keep the water warm, but it would still require adequate sunlight to function (or electrical power for those with such provisions.

Things to Put in Mind When Buying a Solar Birdbath / Fountain Pump:

  • The pump size: This largely depends on the amount of water you are looking to pump and the size of the fountain itself. For example, if you’re looking for a pump to circulate a large volume of water from a pond (let’s say about 200 gallons), then you should keep your eyes out for pumps with head ratings of 60-72 inches.
  • The location of the pump: If you’re looking to have a clean and compact bird bath fountain, then it’s advised that you get a pump with lengthy wire to place the panel at a reasonable distance away from the device. Just make sure it gets enough sunlight.
  • Working time of the day: Some pumps have durable batteries that make them great for use at night or evenings. There are also pumps that rely solely on sunlight to function (do not store energy); they are great for daytime use.
  • Size of birds you attract: Small birds are commonly attracted to bird bath fountains with shallow basins/bowls. Keep this in mind if you are looking to provide the best hummingbird fountain.
bird on a fountain

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to attract birds to your yard and keep it beautiful while staying eco-friendly, then you should get a solar birdbath fountain pump.

I’d recommend the Wishing Well Solar Bird Bath when looking for a choice that’s both attractive and efficient. Its imitation fieldstone design makes it a great addition to any bird watcher’s yard. Plus, this sturdy option will still run on cloudy days.

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