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5 Best Hummingbird Bird Baths & Water Fountains

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Last Updated: March 1, 2023

If you love the spectacle of hummingbirds in your yard, you might as well want them coming in charms.

If you already serve them their favorite, sweet nectar, you might as well throw in a hummingbird birdbath.

But careful now, hummers are fragile buddies. Putting out just any birdbath in your yard may do more harm than good. If it's too deep, not only can it drown hummers, but have them running for their lives.

Too bad, right?

Don't fret. Now that you're here, you won't make such a dreadful mistake.

A good hummingbird bath should be shallow, and preferably have a cascading water fountain, just the way hummingbirds like to drink and preen their feathers.

How do you find these types of birdbaths, you wonder? Wouldn't a water fountain also be deep or dangerous to the hummers?

Don't stress. I did some research and found some of the best bird baths for hummingbirds on the market. There are a lot of designs and price ranges to pick from, so you'll find one that suits you.

Also, some tips at the end of the review will give you some more understanding about hummingbird birdbaths.

Although there are cheaper DIY alternative bird baths you can use for hummingbirds, I'm sure you're here for more ornate pieces that would also beautify your yard like the Nova Microdermabrasion 3-Tier Fountain.

So, let's get to it.

Top 5 Hummingbird Bird Bath Reviews

Product Details
1. Nova Microdermabrasion 3-Tier Fountain

Artistic Design

  • 3-Tier
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Durable
  • Resin Material
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2. John Timberland Outdoor Water Fountain

Luxurious Look

  • Nice & Sturdy
  • Amber LED Lighting
  • Dark Faux Finish
  • Easy To Install
Check Current Price
3. Bits & Pieces Petal Flower Bird Bath

Simplistic Design

  • Bath & Feeder
  • Made Of Glass
  • Shallow Depth
  • Easy To Clean
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4. Regal Art & Gift Stoked Bird Bath

Saclloped Design

  • 3-Prong Stand
  • Functional
  • Shallow Depth
  • Colorful Finish
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5. Peaktop Glazed Water Pot Fountain

Water Pot Style

  • Hidden Reservoir
  • Zen Effect Lighting
  • Attractive To Hummers
  • Great Aesthetics
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1. Nova Microdermabrasion 3-Tier Fountain – Overall Best

Nova Microdermabrasion 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain W/Pump Outdoor Garden Decor

The Nova 3-tiered birdbath fountain is popular among birders for its mix of luxury design and an affordable price.

This has also earned it the top spot in this review because it works for hummingbirds. And what's a better product than one that's elaborate, durable, functional, and affordable?

Well, I don't see any... 

But as you'd expect, such immaculate features at such a low price may come with some drawbacks. 

That's also right on point, but I'll get to that later...

The good thing about this fountain is that it works. The largest basin is only about three inches deep, so you can get to fill it with pebbles or natural rocks to make it shallow enough for hummers. The birds also enjoy flying the water splashing from the fountain.

Right off the bat, you are likely to encounter issues with its 120V pump. But most people fix this by drilling small holes in the bubble to get the water flowing. Then, you can enjoy the hummers frolicking and the trickling sound of water down the fountain.

The Nova pedestal birdbath is made from resin, a solid plastic material. However, since it's plastic, it may warp if it's exposed to direct sunlight. That said, under the right condition, it's sure to last for a long period without warping or cracking.

As well as keeping the bath in a shaded area, also try to stake it down. Else, it may blow over if a strong wind blows and cracks. This defeats the purpose of keeping it out of the sun too.

Clean the pump regularly to keep it functioning. It gets clogged easily if the birds come in droves. Also, algae may grow on the birdbath after some time, but you can prevent it if you put some copper in the basin.


  • Good value
  • Functional 3-tier design gives plenty of room for the birds
  • Durable resin material 


  • Blows over easily when it's windy
  • Flimsy pump


If you want to provide water for the hummers with an artistic fountain, but not have to break the bank, this water fountain is the best choice.

The Nova Microdermabrasion is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting with proper care. 


2. John Timberland Outdoor  – Deluxe Hummingbird Feeder

John Timberland Dark Sphere Modern Zen Outdoor Floor Water Fountain with Light LED 30" High Bubbler Pillar for Yard Garden Patio Deck Home

The John Timberland Outdoor Water Fountain not only provides a good water source for hummingbirds but also adds a luxurious touch to your home.

It has a dark faux stone finish that's made from durable resin material. Unlike the Nova pedestal we reviewed earlier, it weighs about 17 pounds. That's ten pounds more than the Nova.

Its durable construction coupled with a flat base makes it nice and sturdy.

It gets better:

The ball on top of the platform alone serves as the perfect birdbath for hummers as water cascades gently from the pump on top. The pump also illuminates at night with an amber-colored led light.

It's not made initially to be a birdbath fountain, but it works. At the same time, this also makes it a little more expensive than regular birdbaths.

However, you'll find that you get what you pay for. It's more durable and has a decorative finish you won't see in most birdbaths. The only thing is, a handful of people have complained that it leaks out from underneath. Apparently, it's a design flaw that's solved by sealing the tube area around the power cable.

Aside from this, it's easy to install, easy to clean, and would bring the hummers to the yard.


  • Has one of the best hummingbird bath designs
  • Artistic dark faux finish
  • Easy to install
  • Amber-colored LED lights


  • Design flaw makes it appear as if it leaks at times
  • Expensive


If you are looking for a hummingbird birdbath fountain that works but also beautifies your yard, the John Timberland fountain is a great choice.

But you also have to spend about double the price of regular bird baths for this masterpiece. It sure is worth it, considering its ball design works perfectly for hummers.

However, you may have to deal with a design flaw that makes it seem like it leaks with your DIY skills. 


3. Bits & Pieces Petal Flower Bird Bath– Most Affordable

Bits and Pieces - Hanging Flower Petal Birdbath - Glass Flower Hanging Birdbath and Feeder - Outdoor Décor

This hanging bird bath from Bits and Pieces has a simplistic design that makes it very affordable. Still, it's nothing compared to the artistic sculptures and statues the company produces, also at affordable prices.

To some folks, it's only a ceramic bowl with a showy flower petal painting hung by a chain.

In reality, it is what it is, but also functional no less and way better than putting out a bowl in your yard. It doubles as a bath and feeder, whichever you prefer.


For hummingbirds, its shallow depth works the magic. The only thing is, you would have to refill it daily or more frequently if you have just a couple of birds over or on sunny days. If you were wondering, it's only 8 inches in diameter.

At least, it's safer for the birds than a ground bath or fountain that's within reach of cats. No matter how cute your cat is, it would succumb to Mother Nature and attack the birds at the chance.

That said, you shouldn't have this dish out on windy days. It's made of glass so it might break.


  • Affordable
  • Small size is perfect for hummingbirds
  • Nice design
  • Puts the birds out of the arm's reach of cats


  • Poor color coating
  • Water dries up fast


This is a simple birdbath/feeder that leaves you with a simple choice to make. If you want a cheap bird bath and don't mind refilling now and then, this is the choice for you.

If it doesn't work as a bath, you can toss seeds in it for the birds instead.


4. Regal Art and Gift Stoked Bird Bath - Best for Gardens

Regal Art and Gift Stoked Bird Bath

The Regal Art and Gift bath is a splendid mix of art and functionality. The bowl has a color illusion design and a pronged stand that's designed to make it sturdy.

The scalloped design and colors of the bowl would blend in perfectly with flowers in a garden. The bowl is firmly held in place by the stand, so it's not likely to blow over even if the stand tips. Although many birders may feel it's too small, it's just the perfect size for a hummingbird birdbath.

However, if you have plans to use a pump you should have a rethink. The basin is too shallow for a pump to submerge fully or function in it.

The stand has three prongs that would pierce into earthy soil easily to give the much-needed steadiness many birdbaths lack.


  • Colorful scallop design blends with the plants
  • Sturdy 3-pronged stand


  • Color may fade


It's most likely you'd go with this stand if you have lush greenery in your yard. The presence of this bath adds not only a more natural look but also brings the birds to bathe amid your plants and flowers.

It creates a fairy-tale-worthy birdwatching experience right in your backyard if you have a garden.


5. Peaktop Glazed Water Pot Fountain – Affordable Luxury Bath

Peaktop Outdoor/Indoor Floor Water Glazed Pot Fountain with Led Light and Pump for Patio Garden Backyard Decking, 17" Height, Red

The Peaktop Glazed Water Pot Fountain is another luxury fountain that isn't produced for birds but totally works for the hummingbirds.

It's really not hard to see why. First, it's emblazoned in a bright red color that hummingbirds are known to be attracted to. Then, at the top, there is a pump through a trough that flows down a ball.

All of these are the perfect combo for a hummingbird bird bath fountain. And there's utterly no need to add stones or pebbles since it's shallow already.

The good thing about this feature is that other birds, especially big bully birds, won't be able to use it.

The pot is made from resin with a red coating. It's possible the coating will wear off after some time, but then, you can repaint it or use it that way. Also, it's lightweight and easy to move around, weighing only seven pounds.

A remarkable feature many birders would appreciate is the hidden reservoir of this water fountain. This keeps the water clean and reduces evaporation. The continuous circulation of the pump also keeps the water cool, even on hot summer afternoons.

Additionally, the reservoir holds up to 2 gallons of water, which can take long before it needs to be refilled.

Before I forget, it has LED lights that come alive at night, bringing a zen effect into your garden. As beautiful as this may look in your patio or parlor, you still have to put it outdoors where the birds can use it.

Last but not least, it's easy to assemble. It's a 2-piece installation that requires no tools.


  • Perfect design and color for hummers
  • Enclosed reservoir keeps water clean and cool
  • Pot holds up to 2 gallons
  • Bright LED lights
  • Easy to clean with a hose


  • Expensive
  • Color fades with cleaning
  • Within paw's reach of cats


The Peaktop Glazed Pot could have easily been the best hummingbird bird bath if it were moderately priced.

It has all the features to attract hummers, a large reservoir, and keeps the water relatively clean. All of these, and a super-stylish finish with bright LED lights to beautify your yard.


Factors To Consider When Shopping For The Best Hummingbird Bird Bath

Since there are almost no dedicated bird baths for hummingbirds, you may find it hard to find the ideal product, meaning - the best bird bath for hummers without some guidance.

The factors I'll explain below will help you make an informed decision as to what works for the hummers, and you as well.

Bath Depth

Hummingbirds are fragile and minuscule. So, you don't want them in a bath that's large enough to drown them or even attract large raptors.

The best bird bath for hummingbirds should be no more than 3.5 cm deep. Even at that, you may have to throw in pebbles to provide a landing area. Anything bigger than this, and you risk drowning the little birds if they come at all.

Before using a feeder, they'll hover around for a few minutes to see if it's safe then fly away. If it's safe, the bird will be back, and if it's not, the bird will be gone forever.

hummingbird flying over a bird bath

Water Movement

As I've said earlier, hummers like to preen or bath by flying through a splash or stream of water. Most times, they'll preen with the droplets of water on leaves.

To recreate this in your yard, you can use standalone tools, like sprinklers, misters, or maybe install a pump in an existing feeder. Not only does this provide water for the birds, but the noise and splashes attract hummingbirds.

However, water fountains can be a better option for a hummingbird birdbath. The shallow edges give them a safe place to perch, and the sprinkler/bubbler attracts the birds.

Bath Design 

The design of birdbath can't be overestimated when it comes to providing a water source to hummingbirds. It's dependent on the very life of the birds and that of the bath too.

For one, using a ground bird bath can be dangerous to the birds if you have pets, especially a cat. In this situation, you'll have to consider a hanging feeder or put the bath and cat out of proximity.

Also, if you like to see your bath in the middle of your garden and under sunlight, you may be better off with a stone fountain. Moreover, this might mean you'd refill the bath more frequently. Plus, hummers would be more attracted to your feeder when it's under the shade of a tree or shrub.


Cleaning is just as crucial as buying the right hummingbird birdbath. Most baths can be cleaned easily by flushing out with a hose to remove debris. Or at least, all the hummingbird birdbaths in this review.

The only thing you may have issues with is dealing with algae. Don't worry. You can just buy an algaecide clarifier to prevent it altogether. A few drops before refiling your fountain or birdbath, and you won't have to bother about algae.


Unlike the norm where a cheap product equals a flimsy product, it isn't necessarily so with hummingbird baths. In fact, you can easily make a hummingbird bath yourself and only pay a few dollars for a water pump. 

In simple terms, an expensive bath doesn't speak of how well it'd attract hummingbirds. However, if you also want to add an ornate structure to your yard while you attract the birds, you can consider paying a couple of bucks for a birdbath or water fountain.

Let's take a quick peek at some hummingbirds having a fun bath in this short clip below...

Top Tips On How To Provide The Best Water Source For These Lovely Hummers

Parts Need Cleaning Too

Cleaning a birdbath isn't restricted to its basin alone. Hummingbirds are fragile, and any contamination in the water could lead to fatal aftermath.

For this reason, you should clean the pump, hoses, and nozzles, if any, in the birdbath. This makes the water flow steady and keeps the feeder clean.

Also, try to keep the surrounding of the birdbath clean at all times.

Create Hangout Spots

Hummingbirds will need to preen and dry after a soak. Although placing the bath by a nearby tree works, you can have a personalized experience with your customized perches.

Position the perches close to your sweet viewing spot, using a clothesline or small branch

Monitor Safety Hazards

If you have a deep birdbath, always check that the water level is safe for the little birds. Add some more stones or pebbles if you still have areas in the bath that are too deep.

Also, try your best to keep the hummingbirds safe from predators. They can fend for themselves, but not if you're exposing them to danger.

To help them, plant bushes or shrubby vines close to the feeder, where the birds can take cover.

hummingbird atop a bird fountain

Grow Some More Attraction

It might seem enough that you have a birdbath and probably a top rated hummingbird feeder containing nectar hanging in your yard for the hummers.

But there's never too much fun. Turn your home into a haven for hummingbirds by planting some nectar-rich flowers near their water source.

The flowers will catch their attention and draw them faster to your birdbath.


It's fun to see hummingbirds in your yard preening and frolicking in a birdbath in your yard.

All it takes is the right water source to attract these fragile little birds. Fortunately, you now know the best hummingbird bird baths on the market.

If you have difficulties making a decision, I'll recommend the Nova Microdermabrasion Water Fountain. It's a great mix between functionality and affordability.

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  1. I just received #5 Peaktop Fountain in the mail from Amazon. I couldn’t get red so I order the blue. Guess what it is a danger to hummingbirds. I used a damp paper towel just with Water to clean before placing on my patio for the hummingbirds. The paper towels were full of blue paint. Very dangerous for any bird. I bought it for my hummingbirds that I feed. Needless to say I threw it away in the recycling dumpster. I just wanted to let you know. The product is made in China.

    1. Hi April,
      I just saw your response regarding the peaktop glazed blue fountain. I have been using the red ones....four so far, for years. The paint does come off with repeated cleanings, but I have lots of hummers and other birds, and I have never seen a sick or dead bird. I hope it is ok. Just wanted to give feedback.

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