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5 Best Bluebird Feeders (Top Picks for Mealworms)

A bluebird perched on a branch

Last Updated: March 3, 2023

There is so much to like about bluebirds.

For one, they lift the spirits in every yard they are present with their beautiful tunes. 

Not to mention they have a striking appearance to match: 

The male bluebird has a sharper blue that covers the upper body and its wings while the female bluebird has a pale blue color with shades of black. 

The beauty of these songbirds makes them a favorite for many birdwatchers and enthusiasts. The sight of bluebirds brings renewed joy and hope that typically comes with spring. 

If you are looking for the best bluebird feeder to keep these adorable creatures in your yard, you’re on the right path. This article reveals all the best products and a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed purchase, starting with the #1 rated Erva Bluebird Feeder

Review of the Top 5 Best Bluebird Feeders 

Product Details
1. Erva Bluebird Feeder

Keeps Squirrels Off

  • 360° Design
  • Quick Assembly
  • Removable Jelly Dish
  • Easy To Clean
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2. Kettle Moraine Cedar Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

High-Quality Materials

  • Plexiglass Windows For Easy Viewing
  • Keeps Bully Birds Out
  • HInged Roof For Easy Filling
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3. Stokes Select 38200 Bird Feeder

Simple & Sleek

  • 2 Piece Setup
  • Hassle Free
  • Easy To Clean & Fill
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
4. Perky-Pet Mealworm Bird Feeder

Keeps Rodents Out

  • Tight Container, No Spillage
  • Removable Lid
  • Easy Clean & Fill Design
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5. Woodlink NABBFDR Audubon Bluebird Feeder

Elegant Dome Design

  • UV Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Poycarbonate Material
  • Large Tray
  • Height Adjustable Dome
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1. Erva Bluebird Feeder 

Erva Bluebird Feeder - Includes Meal Worm Cup - Designed to Keep Squirrels Out - Made in The USA

Best Overall

If you are looking to get a wholesome experience while watching these lovely birds eat, this Erva Bluebird Feeder might just be the bluebird feeder for you. There is a lot to love about this product – from its brilliant blue color to its 360-degree design. 

One of the biggest problems birdwatchers and enthusiasts face is keeping squirrels off their feeders. These rodents ravage bird feed at lightning speed, and maybe your pocketbook as well. 

The Erva Bluebird feeder solves this issue with its cage-type design without giving up functionality and aesthetics. 

Here’s how: 

The spaces between the metal mesh are designed solely to let in only bluebirds and smaller birds. While larger-sized birds might be able to perch on the metal from outside, it is almost impossible for them to reach those mealworms. 

Erva Bluebird Feeder has a caged-type design complemented with an attractive roof and base. As such, it can rotate clockwise enabling you to view the bluebirds inside from any angle. 

Not to forget: 

There is a glass cup right in the middle of the mealworm feeder that makes room for extra treats like jelly.  


  • Bright hues design adds some color to your backyard
  • Keeps off squirrels from invading mealworms
  • You can remove the top and this makes it easy to clean    


  • May need to guide birds into the feeder using a branch or a dowel
  • Small feeding cup 

2. Kettle Moraine Cedar Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

Kettle Moraine Cedar Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

Best House Design Option

Kettle Moraine is one of the most popular names in the birdwatching industry. The brand is known for making the quality products and this mealworm feeder represents one of the best from its collection. 

What you want in a mealworm feeder is a feeder that can provide the bluebirds with their favorite meal as well as keep out other (bigger) birds who equally love mealworms

This is exactly what you get in Kettle Moraine Cedar Bluebird Mealworm Feeder. 

The product has two holes that come at a size of an inch and half – an adequate size that makes it impossible for entry by other birds. It is very obvious that the bluebird feeder by Kettle Moraine is designed tastefully; you can see that from the smoothness of the edges and surfaces. 

The stainless steel of the screws makes them impervious to rust, leaving you unbothered during rain. As a hanging bluebird feeder, this makes it easy for you to remove in order to refill the food or move to another location. 

One thing to love about the Kettle Moraine bluebird feeder is the ease in placing food – this is because of the hinged roof of the feeder. 


  • Made of high-quality materials 
  • Can attract bluebirds and repel bully birds 
  • The plexiglass makes for easy viewing of bluebirds in the feeder


  • Bluebirds can get trapped in the feeder due to confusing construction 

This wooden bluebird feeder is made of quality cedar which makes it perfect for every season – whether it is the natural bluebird seasons such as summer and spring or even fall when some bluebirds stay. 


3. Stokes Select 38200 Bird Feeder

More Birds Snacks ’N’ Treats Single Serving Hanging Bird Feeder, Suet, Bird Seed, Jelly, Mealworms

Best Simple Design Option 

It doesn’t come simpler than the Stokes Select 38200 Bird Feeder. 

This product has two main components that combine to do all the feeding that the bluebirds need – the hook and the feeding tray. 

Simplicity in design is one of the things to love about the Stokes Select 38200 product. 

The bird feeder has a hook with perch – which is a curved metal hanger. The curved hanger gives the feeder all the stability it needs even when the bluebirds perch on the feeding tray. 

The second component is the feeder tray which comes with a blue color made of a strong material that prevents breakage even if the feeder drops on the ground. This is a result of the thick polycarbonate material that it is made from. 

You don’t need a manual to be able to handle the Stokes Select Bird Feeder properly. 


The blue design of the feeder also makes it easy to spot and easily attracts birds of various types (though this could be much of a con as it is a pro). 

The metal hanger is powder coated with black; this is aimed at preventing rust in order for you to get your money’s worth. 


  • It is very easy to clean 
  • The blue color of the feeding tray attracts bluebirds 
  • It is easy to handle and can be placed anywhere in your backyard 
  • The hanger is sturdy enough to withstand external forces such as the presence of birds and even wind.   


  • The design of the feeder makes it too shallow to contain a lot of food 

The simple design of this bird feeder is the most unique thing about it and that makes it stand out as one of the best bluebird feeders. 


4. Perky-Pet Mealworm Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Mealworm Bird Feeder,Blue

Best Budget Option

If you are a birdwatcher or enthusiast that is tired of having to do with rodents during the bluebird season, Perky-Pet makes for an ideal solution to your problem. It has a unique design that makes it different from the common mealworm feeders you are used to. 

Perky-Pet has a tight container that ensures that all the mealworms in the feeder go to the bluebirds instead of sliding down (this is quite common with most mealworm bird feeders). 

One of the biggest joys of using the Perky-Pet feeder is that you avoid having to refill your feeder every day. This bluebird mealworm feeder has the capacity to hold up to 3.5 ounces of dried juicy mealworms.

The best part: 

This amount is enough to feed up to a dozen of these birds for 3 to 5 days. If you have a lesser number of bluebirds in your area, it can last even longer!

Another problem that this mealworm bird feeder solves is to prevent wet bird feed resulting from rainfall. The tube feeder is designed to keep out the rain and ensure that the mealworms in the feeder stay dry throughout. 

And whenever you eventually need to refill, you can tell by just looking at the transparent plastic tube feeder. Cleaning and refiling are also made easy by the removable lid that comes with the feeder. 


  • Easy to monitor the amount of food consumed 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to refill 
  • Keeps out the rodents 


  • The plastic material it is made from doesn’t make it long-lasting. 
  • The holes are very tiny and it can make it difficult to eat mealworms easily.  

This mealworm feeder is well-covered and this ensures that rodents have no leeway to reach the mealworm in the tube feeder. The unique design that helps to solve a number of problems associated with feeding bluebirds is what makes it stand out.


5. Woodlink NABBFDR Audubon Bluebird Feeder

Woodlink NABBFDR Audubon Bluebird Feeder

Best Stylish Option 

There are a number of stylish options in the review but the Woodlink NABBFDR takes the cake as the best stylish option. If you are looking for a bluebird feeder that could add a bit of elegance and style to your backyard, this might just be what you need. 

Here’s why:

The top dome design of the feeder is quite easy on the eye but it offers more than just beauty. It also helps to shield the mealworms from rain – whether it is mild rain to heavy – as well as snow. 

The top dome is also adjustable, which means that you can change the size of the feeder according to the number of birds and the amount of food you have.   

The plastic is transparent, which ensures that you can have a clear view of the amount of mealworm left in the feeder at all times. The plastic is also made from thick polycarbonate that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. So you will not only get a stylish feeder, but you will also get a functional product. 


  • Keeps unwanted forces like rain and rodents away. 
  • It is resistant to the sun's rays. 
  • Easy to clean and refill 


  • The top dome can catch the wind and this makes the mealworms to be thrown out, or the whole feeder falls.

Woodlink designed the feeder to frustrate the efforts of rodents in trying to reach the mealworms in the feeder. First, the smooth curve of the dome makes it impossible for them to move and when they decide to hang from the top of the feeder, they are unable to reach the meal because of the distance.


Fun Fact: You have to be careful in choosing the location to install your backyard bird feeding stations! Birds are not demanding; however, if they sense any danger at all to their security, then they will neither visit nor feed in your backyard.

What Is A Bluebird Feeder?  

A bluebird feeder defines itself – it is a bird feeder that is designed particularly for bluebirds. Bluebirds are omnivores. This means that there are lots of competing animals for their food. 

This is why a feeder is made specifically for them – one that takes into consideration their size, limitations, diet, and nature. 

Which Birds Eat Mealworms?

Bluebirds are not your typical birds; they feed only on insects, snails, worms, and other invertebrates during spring and summer season. Mealworm is a favorite of these birds – they love them – and you can easily attract them to your backyard by leaving them in the feeder. 

Mealworms could either be live or dried; bluebirds prefer the former but it would cost you more than the latter. As a result, you might have to settle for dried mealworms. They are also quite easy to handle and you can keep them for a long time. 

Mealworm Feeding Tips For Bluebirds 

Below are a few tips that you will find helpful after buying the mealworm feeder. 

  • Mix a little bit of live and dried mealworms at first. Your long-term plan is to make use of dried mealworms but the birds will have to get used to the taste of dried ones first. Mixing live and dried mealworms help to train the bluebirds to take in the dried ones and gradually get used to eating them. 
  • The bluebirds may accept other types of food such as suet and softened raisins. This will save you the trouble of having to run to the store every time you run out of mealworms. Sunflower hearts also make for good bluebird food. 
  • Add other types of bluebird food to their diet (bluebirds get easily addicted to mealworms). However, it doesn’t provide them with all the nutrients they need so you will have to add other supplements.   

Watch this beautiful and educating video of a bluebird eating mealworms from a feeder below: 

Factors You Need to Consider When Buying a Bluebird Feeder 

Bluebird feeders provide a very effective way of attracting birds to your backyard or garden, especially by putting mealworms in the feeder. However, there are a few things to consider before buying a bluebird feeder. 

It is only after proper consideration that you can truly get the best mealworm feeder.


Bluebirds are very small creatures as well as omnivores – this is one of the reasons why they make for a very good sight for birdwatchers. Nevertheless, you still have to take into consideration the size or capacity of the feeder. 

There are two major reasons why you need a bluebird feeder with substantial capacity: you won’t have to refill constantly and you'll be attracting more bluebirds. 

If the size of the feeder is small, you might spend most of your time going back and forth trying to refill the feeder instead of actually watching the birds. Also, you want to attract as many bluebirds as possible, especially if you stay in an area where there are lots of these birds. 

House Feeders

House feeders are the type of feeders that offer a semblance to tiny houses or cages. They make for a great addition to your garden or backyard and the blue color (most feeders often come in blue) makes them stand out. 

The house-like design of these feeders also provides a sort of protection for the birds against weather conditions such as rain and snow. 

They also have enough room to hold a decent amount of mealworms to last up to 3-5 days. The biggest downside to these types of feeders is that they don’t offer squirrel-proof protection. That means you have to place them away from tree branches and ledges. 

Fun Fact: Don't scrimp on bird feeders if you desire bluebirds visiting your backyard often! Only buy the bluebird mealworm feeder you know is capable of inviting these avian guests.


You need a mealworm feeder that is more than just another thing in your backyard. You need the feeder to attract bluebirds easily, keep out bully birds, be squirrel-proof, and can prevent the falling off of mealworms. 

This means that the feeder should be able to be as visible as possible while still remaining rodent-proof. This could possibly work for bluebirds if you really want the scene near to you although it may not be the best choice to make. The inclusion of a feature that makes jelly treats possible is likewise a welcome addition. 

Fun Fact: You might want to try a window sill bird feeder for an in-your-face bird feeding experience!

A bluebird perched atop a birdhouse

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Will Bluebirds Eat Dried Mealworms?  

A: Yes. They will eat any type of mealworm. (More details on this question are in the What is Bluebird Feeder section of this review)

Q: Where to Hang My Bluebird Feeder? 

A: Hanging the bluebird feeder is basically the third step when it comes to feeding bluebirds (comes after buying the feeder and buying the mealworms). 

Hanging is by far the easiest way of getting the bluebirds to come to your home and here are some of the key options on where you can hang: open garden/backyard, trees, patios, arches, and hooks. 

These areas are in line with the flying vision of the bluebirds and make your feeder easy to spot. 

Q: How High Should I Hang My Feeders to Make It Visible? 

A: You can hang bird feeders anywhere between 7-12 feet would do. 

Q: Do Bluebirds Eat Seeds? 

A: No. Bluebirds would not eat seeds even when they are at the risk of starvation. 


The Erva Bluebird Feeder is the best overall bluebird feeder in this review. It has all the features needed for functionality and keeps off squirrels as well. This gives it an edge over most bluebird feeders on the market.  

Hang any of the best bluebird feeders at a strategic location and watch these adorable little birdies troop into your yard!

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