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5 Best Squirrel Feeders: Practical & Funny Picks

Written by Garrett Hayes

Last updated on Apr 29th, 2024
squirrel on a plate

Why would you even want to put squirrel feeders in your yard?


Squirrels are cute, sneaky, funny, skillful, and very fun to watch. But nevertheless, we humans tend to have something of a love/hate relationship with them.

Unlike most wildlife, they aren’t shy! So whether you've got squirrels driving you nuts or you are a squirrel lover you have lots of reasons to invest in a good feeder for them. As someone once said:

If you can't beat them, feed them! 

In fact, they might even bring more fun especially when the birds are out for the season.

There are some great benefits to giving them their own treats. Inviting them to a meal at their own spot will end your war with them plundering your expensive bird seeds. These little furry and entertaining friends will bring you tons of fun depending on what feeder you want to install.

So now, which ones are the best on my list of squirrel feeders?

Quick Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Erva Durable Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder
  2. Most Versatile: Woodlink 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder 
  3. The Funniest: Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder
  4. Best Acrobatic: Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round
  5. Best for Squirrel Bungee Jump: Squd Squngee Bungee Cord

5 Best Squirrel Feeders Reviewed

Product Details
1. Erva Durable Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder

Value Packed

  • Easy To Mount
  • Metal & Plastic
  • Complete Hardware
  • Chew-Proof
  • Extended Platform
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2. Woodlink 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder

Open Design

  • Use Anywhere
  • Red Cedar
  • Screen For Drainage
  • Easy Fill/Refill
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3. Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Hilarious Design

  • Easy Fill/Refill
  • Silicon
  • Hanging Mount
  • Good Price
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4. Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round


  • Turning Motion
  • Metal Skewers
  • Weight Sensitive
  • Hardware Included
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5. Squd Squngee Bungee Cord


  • 1 Cob Capacity
  • Bungee Metal Cord
  • Has A Small Bell
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1. Erva Durable Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder


The Durable Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder By Erva Tool & Die is a quality metal feeder that is very resistant (almost undestroyable) and the steel has a powder-coated green finish to resist chewing. In my opinion, this one could be the best squirrel feeder option you are going to find. This model is well worth the price as it is going to be in good condition for many years so that makes it valuable.

It easily mounts to a tree or post as it comes with all the hardware required. Also, it’s made of steel, so it will be completely chewing, gnawing, and abuse-proof because squirrels can get very tough when it comes to finding out how to get food out of the feeder for the first time.

To fill this metal feeder, simply lift the roof up and fill it with corn, peanuts, or whatever else you decide to use. They will learn quickly how to lift the roof to get the food is inside.

Birds can’t get food out of this squirrel feeder, which is very nice. With its design, the roof is too heavy for jays or blackbirds to lift, so only squirrels can use these feeders - maintaining both types of animals separated if that is what you try to accomplish.


2. Woodlink 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder

Most VersatileWoodlink 3 in 1 Platform Bird Feeder

The Woodlink 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder is a multi-functional and versatile design. You will be able to install it everywhere; on the ground or used as a hanging feeder. It is ideal for decks and yards, for urban balconies, or other places where space is limited. 

This platform feeder is a great choice for any space; besides, with this feeder, you will not only feed squirrels but also the whole forest gang. If you really enjoy the visits of all kinds of wild animals in your yard, you will love this versatile feeder.

Its size and shape allow you to provide different types of seeds to them, so when you leave it on the ground the whole gang can take turns or share the food together.

You can use this feeder in several different ways. It comes with a metal base, plus you can stick the feeder in a pole, hang it, or change the location on the ground. (You can purchase the pole separately.)

It has a slide-out, perforated tray that makes cleaning up VERY easy. The mesh keeps the seeds dry even after a rain. It dries very quickly with no mildew and has a capacity of 3 pounds of seed.

The squirrels can stand in the middle of it or on the edges and root around all they want and no seeds will hit the ground. No more nuking the feed, either.

The construction of the feeder is of the highest quality and the larger size accommodates more than one squirrel or more than the group of animals visiting at a time like possums, raccoons, birds, etc - even deer if they are nearby!


3. Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

The Funniest

Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

All of your friends and family will get a huge kick out of this feeder by Archie McPhee! So much joy out of watching those silly squirrels feed on this horse head. It is so entertaining. You only need a place to hang it a few inches from the ground and place some peanuts or nuts inside.

It is designed so that the squirrel appears to have a horse's head when it puts its own inside the feeder looking for nuts. This funny squirrel feeder is probably not going to be a long-term solution for distracting squirrels away from your bird feeders and squirrels can easily chew through the silicon material, but hours of fun will be guaranteed. 

Although this feeder is not made to last for a long time, it is designed to lighten up the atmosphere of your yard or deck while offering tons of laughs, making the cost-value really good because the price of those plastic squirrel feeders is really low.

You can have fun watching your squirrels going nuts for the nuts, and turning into a horse. If you want more than a horse head you can also choose from a cat, a magical unicorn, or even Donald Trump. I honestly got them all!

Take a look at the Horse Head squirrel feeder in action here:

4. Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round

Best AcrobaticWoodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round Squirrel Feeder

Woodlink 5560 feeder takes the most skills for hungry squirrels to feast on corn cobs one at a time or sharing lunch with other ones as long as there’s a ledge or a fence they can stand on. Get back at those annoying squirrels after years of tackling, ransacking, and messing with your bird feeders. 

The Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round will give you that kind of satisfaction. Yes, you can make fun of them. Lots of fun.

As the squirrel climbs out and tries to feed, the weight-sensitive wheel starts to spin. Eventually, they figure out how to eat the corn, but it takes a lot of skills and determination along the way, providing hours worth of laughs for you. It almost seems like the squirrel Olympics. Besides, those pesky rodents will not have time to bother your precious bird feeders.

The product has five skewers with a rotating 5-Corn cob capacity and is made of cast aluminum, which means it is plenty sturdy to hold both the hanging squirrels and the corn cobs. The hardware for mounting to a tree, post, or deck is included. It is very easy to install and does not require maintenance or cleaning. 

You can install it on a tree or hang it in a place where squirrels have something to hold on. Or just let them figure it out while you watch them be creative.


5. Squd Squngee Bungee Cord

Best for Squirrel Bungee JumpSQUD SQUNGEE BUNGEE CORD

I was surprised when I came across this corn cob feeder and was excited to try it out. The Spungee Bungee Cord allows you to watch the squirrels swing around like Tarzan. 

This is another squirrel feeder that is designed to keep squirrels busy fighting for a snack meanwhile you are inside making fun of them (mocking malefic laugh) while drinking a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home. You will love not getting stressed out and also saving your expensive bird seeds just for your favorite backyard birds.

You can hang the bungee cord from a tree and suspend ears of corn a few inches out of the squirrels' reach. The only way for them to get a bite is to jump up and hang on for dear life. When the squirrel lands on the bungee cord or on the corn, it does what bungee cords do and takes the squirrels for a good ride.

Why You Should Consider One of These Feeders

A squirrel inside a feeder

As you know, squirrels will do almost any acrobatic move to get to an easy food source so it is very entertaining to watch them interacting with these feeders - and besides some of them are made in hilarious shapes, so you will have plenty of reasons to laugh at every little acrobat show or mistakes they will make. Definitely, these squirrel feeders will be worth it with the hours of fun they will give you.

Also by installing a squirrel feeder in a remote area of your yard, they can effectively keep squirrels away from destroying vegetable gardens, harassing bird nests, taking food from bird feeders, and other annoying backyard behaviors squirrel can do. Place or hang them as far away from your bird feeders to ensure they won’t remember to jump or climb for more bird seeds after they are done feasting on their nuts.

Remember that they're only doing what's natural: looking for a meal.

To start having real fun, you must choose a great squirrel feeder that will allow them to do their own business without distracting the birds visiting your yard.

And as a plus, squirrels plant trees! Squirrels have an important role in the preservation of nature. They usually forget some of the nuts or seeds they steal and bury in the ground. So, these will sprout after some time, keeping your yard more green! Think of them as your furry gardeners. Taking care of them will make you a contributor to the environment also.

What Material Should The Squirrel Feeders Be?

The most common feeders in the stores are made of materials such as plastic, wood, and stainless steel. Plastics tend to be cheaper than steel, but that does not mean they are always the most suitable.

Stainless steel ones are much easier to clean and have a longer lifespan than plastic or wood ones. On the other hand, plastics and wood have more models available, which is an advantage if you like versatility and enjoy changes and design.

What Kind Of Squirrel Feeder Should I Buy?

Besides the price, shape, and design you have to think about what is the best option according to your needs and the purpose for getting one.

Like choosing between a larger or smaller squirrel feeder, a cute wood-based one, or a metal feeder if you are looking for something more durable or just some funny silicon squirrel feeder if you only searching for some extra entertainment.

But if you just want to keep them really busy and away from your yard, you might have to invest in at least four or five cheap squirrel corn feeders.

Today there are feeders with large storage capacities, up to 4lbs. Those ones are a good option if you are a very busy person and spend most of the day outside with no time for refilling them very often.

squirrel on planters

Factors to Consider

The key factors you should consider when looking for your next squirrel feeder are:


Before buying, consider the balance of aesthetics and strength. It is always better to invest in something that will last a long time. Nice, wooden-based squirrel feeders are great for decorations but may not be strong enough to resist rough weather conditions and the chewing of some really hangry squirrels.

Of course, if your goal is to have the best magical decoration in your yard that will not be an issue.


The number of furry friends (or foes) that constantly visit your yard is a consideration. The more squirrels you have, the bigger you need the squirrel feeder to be.

Many options of open squirrel feeders such as the ones you add the whole corn cob might be a good idea. Plus the bigger capacity means less time investing in refilling.


The design is dependent on location, the kinds of squirrels, and the food you wish to give them. Corn and nuts are common food for squirrels. Nuts are better for enclosed squirrel feeders while corn cobs are great for open-designed feeders.


Squirrel feeders all function roughly the same so cost consideration is important but not absolute. Funny corn cob feeders are simpler in design and are way cheaper than the regular metal ones of course.

But as they have no trick to get to the food, squirrels will eat the corn cobs faster and you will have to be spending more time adding and buying them more food.


Think about what you already have in your yard: such as poles, trees, other bird feeders, etc.

Depending on where you intend to place them, the kind of squirrel feeder will follow. Metal squirrel feeders are better placed outdoors or by the trees while Cedarwood squirrel feeders are best protected under shade in order to make them more durable. A mounted squirrel feeder is a great option for these reasons: they are steady and handy.

Corn cob feeders are great for sidewalls. This is probably one of the most popular types. 

Hanging squirrel feeders could be a bit more challenging for squirrels. Unlike birds, squirrels have no wings which mean that they need to climb, stand on a ledge or tree branch, or hang onto something while they eat.

If you get a hanging squirrel feeder, make sure they have easy access to it – support ledge or fence wall. Some wood squirrel feeders can be easily mounted on a tree. They are great for aesthetics. Unless the tree is near your house and you can still have fun watching them up close while holding your cup of coffee in front of the window.

The funny squirrel feeders can be hung closer to windows or placed under a tree. A fun feeder can provide a cool atmosphere and fun while keeping the squirrels away from bird feeders.

On the flip-side of this topic, instead of feeding squirrels, how about getting the best squirrel proof bird feeders? Take some time to visit our comprehensive review on that.


Investing in a suitable squirrel feeder will not only prevent squirrels from bothering your winged visitors and potentially save you a lot of money on bird seeds, but they can even turn the inconveniences into something fun. 

Enjoy having squirrels in your backyard and keep them away from sitting on top of your bird feeders filling their bellies with expensive food and preventing any birds from eating with those annoying shrieking noises.

If you are looking for the best value, go for the Durable Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder By Erva Tool & Die. And to get a good laugh, you can’t go wrong with either the Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder or the Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round.

Installing a squirrel feeder is a smart way to make peace with them, besides dedicating a separate feeder just for squirrels and filling it with inexpensive food can help you finally come to terms with squirrels in your backyard.

Instead of fighting and trying to prevent them all the time with a squirrel-proof bird feeder, you can rest easy knowing you have them under control and are not wasting lots of money feeding them.

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