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5 Best Bird Baths For All Season (Buying Guide & FAQ)

Written by Garrett Hayes

Last updated on Apr 26th, 2024
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We all know that watching birds is a fun and relaxing hobby you can enjoy in the comforts of your home.


One way to get different types of birds to visit you is to install a bird bath.

It can be tough choosing the best bird bath especially when there are different types, sizes, and designs available. You’d end up puzzled hearing that not all birdbaths are free-standing and that you really need to find the best material for a birdbath to withstand the local weather.

But... no matter how confusing it is, there will always be the perfect bath for you, and we’re here to help you with that.

We’ve picked five best birdbaths just for you in this review – our top pick being the Allied Precision Industries (650) Heated Birdbath for high durability, convenience and reasonable price.

Product Details
1. API 650 Heated Bird Bath

Excellent Features

  • Built To Last
  • Has Cord Storage
  • Easy-Tilt Cleanup
  • Weatherproof
  • Keeps Water Warm
  • Clamp-On Bracket
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2. Lixit Quick Lock Birdbath

Attractive Design

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Fits Any Cage
  • Thick & Clear Plastic
  • Locks In Place
  • Needs A Splash Guard
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3. MUMTOP Glass Hanging Outdoor Birdbath


  • Made Of Glass
  • Comes Assembled
  • 11' Diameter
  • Can Crack On Freeze
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4. Peaktop Yellow/Blue Butterfly Birdbath

Vibrant & Stable

  • Glass Painted
  • Attractive Colors
  • 4-Legged Stand
  • Push & Bury Option
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5. MUMTOP Glass Birdbath with Metal Stake

Easy Assembly

  • Weather Resistant
  • Great For Gardens
  • Thick Glass
  • Prongs Can Bend
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Top 5 Best Bird Baths Reviewed

1. Allied (API 650) Heated Birdbath - Best Overall

BestNest API 650 Deck Mounted Heated Bird Bath with Outdoor Cord Connector

This bird bath isn't just strong, cheap, and easy to use –but weather resistant too!

It is made of heavy resin plastic and doesn’t let water freeze even on multiple days of single-digit temperatures.

Allied Precision Industries (API 650) birdbath prevents the water from freezing using its built-in 120-volt thermostat that operates at 150 watts. It doesn’t only prevent the water from turning to ice but also makes sure that no matter how cold it is outside, your birdbath’s water is still warm for lovely birds to enjoy. 

In dry and hot weather, there is a space underneath the basin made for the power cord’s storage.  

It also has a clamp-on mounting bracket that gives a “tilt to clean” feature where you can easily dump the stagnant and dirty water. The basin easily and securely attaches to the mount right after disposing of the water.

You also don’t need to drill this to your deck since it has a screw clamp. And in terms of grip, this birdbath features a special rim designed for the bird’s natural grip.


  • Perfect for any weather
  • Has a power cord storage
  • Keeps water warm even on negative temperatures
  • Has an easy tilt to clean design
  • No drilling needed


  • Its heating rod is only 12 inches long

2. Lixit Quick Lock Birdbath - Best Value

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

The Lixit Quick Look Birdbath is perfect for birds like canaries, finches, lovebirds, and other small to medium sized birds.

It is made of thick and clear plastic for durability that also gives a suggestion of clean water. It fits all wire cages and fences securely.  

Birds seem to like the fact that the bath is made of clear plastic. Seeing the water from outside gives them the "c'mon" to bathe and have a splash. If birds don't seem to like it or realize that it's a birdbath at first, it would be a great idea to put some greenery to attract them.

  1. The birdbath consists of two pieces:
    Two locks that work both horizontally and vertically so that you could install it on different types of bars.
  2. The bath itself which has a quick and easy 'Twist and Lock' design that allows the bath to be removed and installed in seconds, making cleaning effortless.

The bath can be installed on both the interior or the exterior of a bird cage depending on your preference. You could also install the bath outdoors for the wild birds.

Excited birds can also make a mess  (even minimal) when the bath is half full, so a splash guard may be necessary if you mind cleaning the cage and wiping the spills every once in a while.


  • Easy to clean and reassemble
  • Attractive to birds
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors
  • Fits any cage design
  • Highly durable


  • Needs a splash guard

3. MUMTOP 11" Glass Hanging Outdoor Birdbath - Best Interior

MUMTOP 11-inch Bird Bath, Glass Bird Bath,Outdoor Bird Drinking, Garden Decoration

This aesthetically pleasing birdbath comes in an elegant design and beautiful colors with a black metal chain, it gets even prettier when it reflects the sun and the design doesn’t even fade!

They are often hung from a tree branch, or if you have a hanging bird feeder, you can just hang them both on a shepherds hook.

Its 11 inch diameter is neither too small or too deep for beautiful little birds. The chain and glass bowl is also heavy to avoid it from swinging or spilling in the breeze.

Glass materials aren’t really durable for extreme weather such as negative winter temperatures and scorching summers, but if you live in a tropical country then it wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. 

Even though the glass is designed, it is still smooth on the inside which is great since there won't be corners where stubborn moss or dirt will stick. 


  • Comes ready and assembled
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Fade-resistant
  • Does not swing in strong wind


  • The bowl is small so you need to refill it with water before all of it evaporates
  • Cracks in a freeze

4. Peaktop Yellow/Blue Butterfly Birdbath - Best Dimensions

Peaktop 3208930 Bird Baths, 21.2" Height, Yellow/Blue Butterfly

The Peaktop 3208930 Yellow/Blue Butterfly Birdbath comes in a high-quality glass painted in beautiful shades.

Again, since this is made of glass material, you may want to bring it inside in extreme winter temperatures and other hazards such as snowstorms.

This birdbath has enough space for the birds to spread and splash on and it is also stable in strong winds. 

Instead of a chain or a mounting bracket, this birdbath comes with a four-legged stand that isn’t too high. The stand is very sturdy and high quality too; you can also push it to bury it into the ground.

The glass bowl seems to be slippery for the tiny birds' feet, so it would be a great idea to add some pebbles to assure their safety and make it seem more attractive. 


  • Comes in a vibrant design
  • Has a stable stand
  • Stable even in strong winds
  • Has the perfect height for both small and big birds


  • Fades from the color it started with
  • Not safe for one-digit temperatures
  • Appears slippery to little birds

5. MUMTOP 26" Glass Birdbath With Metal Stake - Best Design

MUMTOP 26-Inch Height Glass Birdbath with Metal Stake

This MUMTOP 26" birdbath uses a three-pronged stainless steel stake in a minimalist design that will fit any garden design. It is easy to bury on the ground and is very stable.

It is also easy to clean. You only need to detach the glass bowl from the stake and wash it like any normal plate. Re-assembling the birdbath is also a no-brainer since you only need to attach it again and it will be secured and intact already. 

The glass bowl comes in vivid and vibrant colors, it is very thick and also weather-resistant.

The stake’s prongs dig really deep into the ground and are very stable that it stays in the same place even after a couple of rain showers. 


  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has sharp prongs that make it easy to bury in the earth


  • The stake’s prongs bend if too much pressure is applied

An Eastern Yellow Robin on a Bird Bath

What Is A Birdbath?

A birdbath is a basin or a shallow pond that comes in different materials, they are man-made and created for the comfort of wild birds.

It is often maintained with clean water and can also double as a bird feeder. Birds use birdbaths for drinking, splashing, cooling, and obviously, bathing.

But birdbaths aren’t only for the birds... 

Most birdbaths nowadays come in beautiful designs and vivid colors that can be a great addition to your garden. They can also be a way of attracting birds to your place and watching them for relaxation. 

Birdbaths prevent the birds’ beaks from drying and they get rid of the dust and parasites in their feathers too. After splashing in the bath, birds usually stay under the sunlight and fluff their feathers.

What To Consider When Buying A Birdbath


There are numerous types of birdbaths... 

This is an important factor to consider to make sure you don’t buy the wrong one. Say like, if you are on a location frequented by hummers, you should go for the best hummingbird bird bath that would attract them. 

You can also choose a solar powered birdbath from one of the best solar bird bath companies that are popular in the market today.

Hanging and mounted birdbaths are good if you don’t have that much space. Yet if you do, you can buy a freestanding bath.


Birdbaths can be on the ground or hung, and their height matters a lot.

Your bath’s height can affect what types of birds you’ll be attracting to your yard. Tinier birds seem to be attracted to higher birdbaths while bigger birds prefer them low or on the ground.

The height can also affect how many birds you’ll be attracting, super high baths seem to give caution to birds in terms of safety while ones placed on the ground can seem unattractive too. 

Selling Price

The price of the birdbath is not a measurement of quality.

It’s not bad to buy a birdbath that fits within your budget since not all cheap ones are poorly made. While some birdbaths are worth the price, always consider its features and functions before spending a lot to avoid regrets.


It is better to consider how much space you have for the bath. There are types that are space savers and those that really take up space, it can also affect the types of birds that will visit your bath.


The best material for your birdbath doesn’t depend on the appearance but the durability instead, if you want to keep the bath for years.

Since they come in a wide variety of materials, it's not a hard task to identify which one is most durable for you. You should also consider your garden’s design and your local climate when choosing a bath material.


Things like your glass birdbath being shattered into pieces and your bath water turning to ice are some of the misfortunes for those who experience winter. 

And in the summer, your metal birdbath can boil your bath water, make it evaporate too much, or even melt your plastic bath. 

Your bath’s durability in terms of the climate matters more than you realize - that is why there are heated birdbaths and ones made of materials intended to avoid freezing or boiling water. 

Having said that, when looking for a birdbath to use for icy cold climatic conditions, you can go for the best heated bird bath or you can actually install the best bird bath heater. Making it easier for you, just click on the links on my previous sentence to pick one that is most suited for your needs 😉


If you own a garden or have a large backyard, the birdbath’s appearance may matter so I suggest that you keep it in consideration. Having a birdbath that doesn’t suit your garden’s style might be an eyesore as it stands out negatively and this can make you think of buying a new one or removing the bath from your garden.

Aside from that, if you don't appreciate your birdbath’s appearance, neither will you have the will to clean it and replace its water regularly. Just sayin'. 😉

a tropical bird bathing

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Birdbaths Made Of?

There’s a wide range of materials that are used to make a bird bath and sometimes, those materials are evenly combined.

Most baths are made of plastic, concrete, glass, and ceramics, while their stands or chains are commonly metal, stainless, and plastic. 

Other birdbaths also consist of stone, glass mosaics, sea shells, marbles, metal, and other stuff used for both quality and design. 

How Deep Should A Birdbath Be?

Birds don’t really like bathing in a birdbath whose water is higher than their breast.

Don’t fill the bath completely, it is better half-full or two inches less from the brim since they don't want to completely dip their bodies. 

It’s best to only put enough water for the birds to splash and wade into since there can be the danger of drowning when the water is deep. 

Do Birds Use Birdbaths In Winter?

A different season does not change the fact that birds are living creatures who need water to survive. In fact, they need just as much water in the winter as they do in other seasons. 

You may be asking this because you’re wondering if they’ll still access your bath even if it's already freezing. Birds still need to bathe since they still get dirty even in winter, so a solution to that would be heated birdbaths. 

Some one-digit temperatures can chill your birdbath and even freeze the water, this will result in the birds not being able to use it. 

Aside from that, they’ll eventually be needing water badly that they start using unclean ones. To help them out, you can provide a heated bath or just break the ice every once in a while and replace it with fresh warm water. 

Remember that warm and clean water may just be the biggest attraction to birds in the wintertime. 

How Can I Attract Birds To My Birdbath?

Your birdbath should have clean water - this is the first step in attracting them. It is a good practice to rinse and replace the bath with fresh water every once in a while.

It is also a good idea to place some kale or other greenery in your bath to make it look more appealing to the birds. You can put stones or pebbles too, that will give them a better grip and avoid the bath from tilting if it's flimsy. 

You can also add motion to your birdbath to make it more attractive and fun for the birds. If your bath has moving and sprinkling water, it will surely be a paradise for your birds. 

Where Should You Put A Birdbath?

This completely depends on both your preference and the type of birdbath you have.

Putting your birdbath near your bird feeder is a good idea, but if you wish to watch birds splash in the water from indoors, then it would be advisable to position the bath near a window. 

For the bird's safety, you may also want to place it in a spot near a tree or a bush, this will make it easier for the birds to hide when a predator is near. 

Aside from that, try to think of what's best for the birdbath that you have.

Its design can be enhanced by simply positioning it right. If you own a brightly colored bath, it would be better in a shady area, but if you have a colorful glass bath such as a green one, it would be great to be positioned out of the shade to let it reflect the sun. 

But if your bath has a fountain, light, or a heater that is solar powered, it is best to place it where it would get more sunshine. 

Let's get some birdbath action before we wrap this up...


You can’t go wrong with the API Heated Birdbath; which is our best overall choice because of its comfort, weather resistance, strength, and effortless maintenance. 

The API Heated Birdbath is for everyone - no matter where you live, what climates you have, and whatever birds are native there – this birdbath can handle it!

And since this birdbath comes at a reasonable price, is functional for any weather, has the perfect size to attract any bird, and is made of exceptionally durable material, it qualifies all the necessary considerations needed for a perfect birdbath.

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