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Best Finch Bird House: 5 Awesome Picks


Finches are colorful birds that are sure to be a sight to behold in backyards. Not to mention, they help control weed growth by consuming seeds in your backyard. Luckily, attracting finches is easy! 

One of the best things to have is the best finch bird house. It will provide an ideal habitat not just for finches but also for other small birds. 

Are you looking for the best finch birdhouses? Read this review and we’ll share some of the top products that should be on your list, including their notable features. 

The Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH3 Cedar Box House wins this review. It has premium construction and easy installation, among other benefits. 

Our Top Picks For The Best Finch Birdhouses 

Enjoy the sight of finches in your backyard and listen to their song! Bird feeders are not enough. It is best if you can also invest in the right birdhouse. 

1. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH3 Cedar Box House – Best Overall 

Nature's Way Bird Products CWH3 Cedar Bluebird Box House

The Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH3 is on the top of our list. Whether it is for a house finch, goldfinch, or other species, it is a great option. 

Among others, this finch birdhouse stands out because of its premium construction using cedar as the main material. It is rot-resistant, so you can be confident that it will last a long time, even if it is outdoors. Not to mention, it includes rust-resistant hardware. 

It comes with an elevated mesh floor. The latter helps keep the nest box free from gnats and blowflies. 

Ease of installation is another good reason to pick this product. You can choose from flush or pole mounting. Regardless, doing so is effortless. 

The predator guard is also a notable feature. It extends from the entrance hole, which will protect finches from larger wild birds. 

To keep finches comfortable, the birdhouse is designed with air vents. It maximizes air circulation, which is crucial for promoting bird health. 

You will also be happy with the fledgling kerfs. These are grooves inside the main door, which will allow young birds to peek at the hole and see the world outside. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Made using rust-free hardware 
  • Has a clean-out door for easy maintenance 


  • The roof can easily break 


Wrapping up, the Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH3 is the winner of this review. It is made of premium cedar with a thoughtful construction, made possible by the air vents, predator guard, and fledgling kerfs. 


2. Gute Store Natural Grass Hanging Hut – Best Hand-Woven Bird House 

Gute Humming Bird Houses for Outside Hanging, Natural Grass Hanging Bird Hut, Hand Woven Hummingbird Nest, Large Wren Finch Bird House for Garden Window Outdoor Home Decoration, 3 Pack

The Gute Store Natural Grass Hanging Hut features craftsmanship at its best. They are 100% hand-knitted, making them beautiful. 

Aside from being hand-woven, they are also made using 100% natural materials. Made of natural hibiscus grass, the birdhouse is biodegradable, making it good for the environment. It also comes with a hemp rope. 

It is not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical. The intelligent design gives the birdhouse a small hole, which will keep predators out. It is large enough for finches to fit, as well as other birds, such as house sparrows.

Inside the bird house, you will find a wide bottom. This means that there is sufficient space for a house finch or any other type of finch to move around. 

Value for money is one of the best reasons to choose this product. Your purchase is inclusive of three hanging birdhouses! 

However, if you live in a place where it rains a lot, we do not recommend this birdhouse. It may not hold up if it is often wet, unlike wooden birdhouses. 


  • Made using 100% natural materials 
  • Beautiful with a practical design 
  • Comes as a set of three 


  • Does not hold up in the rain 


Overall, the Gute Store Natural Grass Hanging Hut stands out because of its beautiful design. It is made using dried hibiscus grass and comes with a hemp rope. 


3. Glitzhome Hanging Bird House – Best Decorative Birdhouse 

glitzhome 9.7" H Hanging Bird House for Outdoor Patio Garden Decorative Pet Cottage Distressed Wooden Birdhouse, Blue Leaves

Are you looking for a way to elevate the aesthetics of your backyard while also being able to house small birds? If yes, then the Glitzhome Hanging Bird House is a great product. 

One of the best things about this birdhouse is that it is decorative. It will never be an eyesore. It also has a textured design that makes it pretty. 

We also like how you can easily open the back panel of the bird house. This will make it effortless to clean and maintain. 

Not happy with your purchase? No need to worry as it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with the manufacturer and they will make things right. 

Nonetheless, while it is a cute finch birdhouse, there are some complaints about its gluing. The adhesive seems weak, which can make it easily deteriorate, especially once it falls off the ground. 


  • A beautiful and decorative addition to your backyard 
  • Can open the back panel for easy cleaning 
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee 


  • Poor gluing 


From its decorative design to the satisfaction guarantee that the manufacturer offers, the Glitzhome Hanging Bird House is another top option that should be on your radar!


4. Wood Smith USA Store Bird House – Best Material 

Bird House - Bluebird, Finch, Wren, Chickadee, Tree Swallow Bird, Wild Birds, Even a Woodpecker House. Made in USA from All Natural Western Red Cedar. Add Some Life to Your Yard Today!

Whether you are looking for a finch, wren, cardinal, or bluebird house, this is another option worth considering. It is great for small nesting birds. 

One thing that makes Wood Smith USA Store Bird House a good product is that it is hand-made and that it uses natural materials. 

The main material is western cedar wood. It has no preservatives and finishes, so you can be confident that there are no toxic chemicals that can harm birds. 

This option for the best finch birdhouse has impeccable craftsmanship. Thanks to U.S. carpenters with over 40 years of experience, the quality is second to none. 

Mounting the bird house is easy. It is inclusive of hardware you will need for its assembly. Plus, it has an easy-open front for effortless maintenance. 

If there is one problem, however, it would be that it has insufficient ventilation. It is better if there is more adequate airflow, which is especially handy in the summer. 


  • Made using cedar wood with no preservatives 
  • Built by US carpenters with over four decades of experience 
  • Secure mounting with the included screws 


  • Lacks ventilation 


The Wood Smith USA Store Bird House is made using cedar with no chemicals and preservatives. It has impressive craftsmanship and practical design features, including a front-opening door for easy cleaning. 


5. Yofit Wooden Bird House – Best Natural Design 

yofit Outside Wooden Bird House, Ventilation Hanging Bird House for Small Bird Chickadees Sparrows

Are you looking for finch bird houses with a natural design? Then is one product you are sure to love! 

The best thing about Yofit Wooden Bird House is that it is made of wood, which gives it a natural look. It will make the bird house more appealing. 

More so, the wood is weather-resistant and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor use. Even if it often rains, it will not easily deteriorate. 

In front, you will find a small woodpile. It is handy as it provides finches a place to rest even without entering its small hole. 

The biggest shortcoming of this birdhouse is that it is fixed with nails instead of glue. This means that there can be sharp objects protruding, which can be harmful to birds. 


  • Has a natural-looking design 
  • Weather-resistant construction for longevity 
  • Comes with a small woodpile for the bird to rest 


  • Has nails that can harm finches 


The Yofit Wooden Bird House has an appealing natural design that can easily attract birds. It is also weather-resistant and has a small woodpile. 


6. Bulking Hanging Hand-Woven Birdhouse – Best Bang For The Buck 

Hummingbird House for Outside Hanging, 3 Pack Natural Grass Hanging Humming Bird Nest, Hand Woven Outside Birdhouse for Finch & Canary Window Outdoor Decoration

If you are looking for value for money, it is hard to go wrong with Bulking Hanging Hand-Woven Birdhouse. They are affordable without compromising quality. 

Made of natural woven grass, this is perfect for those who are looking for eco-friendly alternatives. They are biodegradable, making them good for the environment. 

Each birdhouse in this set of three is hand-knitted, reflective of premium craftsmanship despite the price. They are tightly woven and also wind-resistant. 

Ease of use is another good reason to choose this product. They will hang directly with the included loop, eliminating the need for complicated assembly. 

More so, this habitat for nesting birds comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If there is any problem, contact the manufacturer. 

Because of its materials, however, its durability can be an issue. It is not as long-lasting as those made of wood. 


  • Made from tightly-woven dried grass 
  • Easy to hang 
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee 


  • Durability can be an issue 


The Bulking Hanging Hand-Woven Birdhouse is made using eco-friendly dried grass and includes a hanging loop for easy installation. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 


7. Birdnesting Premium Fir Birdhouse – Best Predator Guard 

BIRDNESTING Bird House - Premium Fir Wood Sturdy Bird Nesting Box - Raw Linseed Oil Coated Wood Birdhouse with Metal Predator Guard - Hanging Bird House with Pre-Drilled Holes - Large Nesting Area

Wrapping up our list is the Birdnesting Premium Fir Birdhouse, which stands out because of its practical design that helps keep predators out. The metal guard is effective in protecting a small bird from a potential attacker. 

The premium fir craftsmanship is one of the notable features of this product. It is made using high-quality wood with linseed oil as coating, providing a splinter-free finish. 

More so, it comes with a vent hole. Solid wood is not preferred by many for birdhouses because it can be hot. Luckily, this product is built in such a way that there are holes to encourage air circulation. 

The installation is quick and effortless. The birdhouse already comes with two pre-drilled holes. Rust-proof screws are also provided. 


  • Premium fir craftsmanship 
  • Exceptional ventilation to keep birds comfortable
  • Easy to install 


  • The glue can easily separate 


From its high-quality craftsmanship to easy installation, the Birdnesting Premium Fir Birdhouse is a great product, which is designed to effectively keep predators away. 


Choosing a Finch Birdhouse 

The options for finch birdhouses abound. However, just like with the overall best bird houses, they are not all the same. To help you narrow down the possibilities, here are the most important considerations. 


From finches to other wild birds, you can easily attract them to a birdhouse if it is made using top-notch materials. The best ones are those made using different types of softwood, such as cedar, fir, and pine. 

If you do not like wooden finch birdhouses, you can opt for those made from dried woven grass. They are not only beautiful but also biodegradable


Proper ventilation is important for keeping finches comfortable when they are in the birdhouse, especially when they are nesting. If it is too hot, they will probably leave and look for more suitable habitats. 


One of the most important parts of bird houses is the hole. It should be one to 1.25 inches in diameter. It is big enough for finches to fit but small enough to keep predators away, keeping the birds safe. 


The design is another vital consideration. It should not be an eyesore in the garden. Choose those that can add more personality and color to your backyard. Nonetheless, you should not compromise performance in favor of aesthetics. 

Tip and Tricks for Attracting Finches To Your Backyard 

Sure, finch bird houses will help in attracting feathered friends to your property. Nonetheless, they may not be enough. Attract more finches by doing the things mentioned below: 

  • Proper timing is crucial. Bring out the birdhouse before the finch breeding season begins. It should be anywhere from late April to early May. 
  • Get rid of predators. Finches are known for being shy, so you will drive them away if there are squirrels, and cats, among other predators. 
  • Tie a bright yellow ribbon around trees or next to the birdhouse. These ribbons will also move with the wind, which will make finches think there are other birds. 
  • Ensure an adequate food supply. Black oil sunflower seeds, insects, and worms are some of the foods that will attract finches to birdhouses. 
  • Complement with the best finch feeders. This will help you attract more finches and other birds to your backyard. 
  • Take note of how you position the birdhouse. Its height is one of the most important, making sure that it is high enough so that it isn’t easy for predators to reach. 

Watch This! 

Follow DIY bird house plans for house finches! Watch the short video below and learn how to do it like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do house finches use bird houses? 

Yes, house finches use bird houses. Nonetheless, not just any bird house will suffice. They prefer natural materials, such as wood. Aside from the choice of material, the location is also crucial. Consider putting it in a high and open space that receives ample sunlight to make it attractive for a house finch. 

Where is the best place to hang a finch birdhouse? 

A pole, especially one made of metal, is one of the best places to hang a bird house. It is difficult for most predators to climb, such as snakes, squirrels, and cats. Trees are also good locations, especially because they are natural habitats for birds. More so, pick a place high enough from the ground and away from prevailing winds. 


Attract finches to your backyard with a top-notch birdhouse. Our favorite is the Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH3 Cedar Box House. It is made of high-quality and rot-resistant cedar. The package is also inclusive of rust-resistant screws. More so, it has an elevated mesh floor and a wooden guard to protect finches against predators. 

Are there other birdhouses for finches that you would like to recommend? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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