Birding Hub recognizes that birds are nature's gift to humans.

Some of us appreciate even just the sight of these creatures in our backyards; some prefer taking photographs of them, and others enjoy caring for these birds and feeding them.

There are many ways to practice birdwatching.

The list includes identifying numerous species, studying bird songs, behavior, feeding habits, nesting, migration, and so on. It's an endless road of possibilities since you need to understand how birds interact with their surrounding environment, including plants, weather, and people.

What many people don't understand is that it takes much more than matching a picture to a bird to identify a bird in the real world.

There can be a great deal of caution and wariness among birds, as some of them have no particular interest in being spotted. Therefore, the difficulty of seeing and interpreting the details is even more complicated than the challenge of matching bird details to what you see in pictures.

It might be unnecessary for new birders who are still learning to find their way around a field guide to read about intense courtship displays or how birds care for their young. While these facets of birding may be fascinating, even essential, or fun, these may not be topics beginning birders should be concerned about yet.

That's where this website comes in handy and what it was created for: to help get every reader, especially newbies, on the right foot to find, observe, and study birds in a comprehensive yet straightforward way.

Birding experts are not individuals with heightened senses or more knowledge and experience.

With that in mind, the website does not merely offer identification of specific birds but instead promotes understanding of most challenges in bird identification. It will lead you to recognize common species not only with speed but with accuracy and confidence, and most importantly have fun along the way!

Who We Are

Garrett Hayes (CEO, Founder)

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Garrett Hayes is a lifelong birding enthusiast. Following a childhood spent with his grandparents, he had the chance to help them build bird feeders, which gave birth to his passion for these lovely, eye-catching wildlife creatures. He became interested in birds, identifying them, understanding how they live, and how people can best interact with them.

This childhood enthusiasm was rekindled after buying his first house in 2012, where he started buying and trying out various bird feeders in his own backyard.

Due to his extensive personal experience, Garrett understands how exciting it is when new birds come to your feeders for the first time. There's nothing he would want more than for bird lovers from all walks of life to benefit from his dedication to learning and conserving nature.

He hopes that his love for the great outdoors will inspire more people to protect wild places. As such, bird enthusiasts can spend long days on guided walks along birding trails worldwide, leading to more discovery and successful bird identification.

Currently, Garrett enjoys pursuing his passions for bird watching and freelance photography. He's also learned a fair bit about digital publishing along the way by creating and running Birding Hub.

You can reach Garrett via email at [email protected] or check out his LinkedIn profile here.

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Our Mission

Since launching in early 2020, our goal at Birding Hub has been to introduce readers to the fascinating world of birds in all their varieties. We would love for every bird lover to learn more about the birds' features, habitat, songs, diet, courtship displays, breeding, nesting, and migration, to name a few.

We are committed to educating, fascinating, and entertaining birding enthusiasts of all ages with our experience in wildlife. This website is our way of celebrating these birds' presence in our midst by providing better opportunities for intimate observation as we learn more about avian life.

Our joy is to guide every bird enthusiast to a more profound understanding of our feathered friends and inspire everyone to take a closer look, even at the least familiar species.

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We'd love to hear from you, as your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us.

You may connect with Birding Hub through email at [email protected] or from one of our social media accounts:

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