Bird Feeders Guide

Bird feeders are the go-to tool for attracting birds to your backyard. Depending on the types of birds in your area, you will want to use different types of feeders to draw their attention.

Bird Feeders By Species

As mentioned above, you need the right type of feeder to attract different bird species. There isn't a one-size fits all if you want to enjoy a diverse array of feathered friends in your backyard.

Tips for Bird Feeding

Attracting birds isn't quite as simple as just loading up your feeder with delicious bird seeds and waiting for your favorite flyers to join the party. There are some tips and tricks regarding which feeders to use, where to place them, how to maintain them, and what bird seed to use for the best results.

Accessories for Bird Feeding

In addition to bird feeders, you can buy and use several accessories such as bird feeder poles and squirrel baffles to keep squirrels away from your precious bird seed. There are even feeders designed specifically for squirrels to keep them happy and out of your bird feeders.

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